Human, Nature: A Naturalist’s Thoughts on Wildlife and Wild Places

Human, Nature: A Naturalist’s Thoughts on Wildlife and Wild Places

by Moira Reid on

Human, Nature by Ian Carter publishes in June 2021. Preorder with code NATURE30 to save 30%.

This book is a highlight of my non-fiction reading this year to date. Thought provoking, accessible and beautifully written, it is one of the best accounts I have ever read of the complex relationship between humans and wildlife, celebrating the huge benefits it can bring and full of wise comment on the dilemmas it often poses.’

Jonathan Elphick, Natural history author and editor


A wonderful collection of heartfelt, insightful essays – each one like a privileged chat about the highs, lows and many conundrums of three decades working with nature, from one of its most personable and pragmatic champions. We need people like Ian.’

—Dr Amy-Jane Beer, naturalist, writer and campaigner


It has been a real pleasure for me as a country-dweller to read Ian Carter's work, because he somehow tells it like it is more than any other rural writer I know... Mr Carter knows the countryside... What he describes is not a fancied landscape cloaked with nostalgia or the ethereal pastures of the far-fetched poet, but a very real place in which birds fly and die in equal measure.’

—Martin Hesp, journalist and novelist


A wise, thoughtful and very readable series of essays from someone who spent his working life at the forefront of nature conservation, and has now shared his accumulated wisdom with the rest of us.’

—Stephen Moss, author and naturalist


A highly enjoyable read – informative, thought-provoking and above all balanced. Ian Carter wears his copious knowledge extremely lightly.’

—Lev Parikian, author of Into The Tangled Bank and Why Do Birds Suddenly Disappear?


I love the warmth and refreshing candour of Ian's writing. Readable and relatable - this is an enriching book, from a reliable witness. Highly recommended.’

—Conor Jameson, author and conservationist


Ian Carter offers highly readable musings on the most pressing issues facing Britain’s beleaguered wildlife. Balancing obvious expertise with refreshing honesty, Carter ponders everything from non-native species and the conflicts between gamekeepers and raptors, to the value of urban wildlife and the need to reconnect with nature. His infectious passion for the great outdoors sings from every page.’

—Dan Eatherley, author of Invasive Aliens


 ‘A deeply engaging account of our complex relationship with the natural world. Drawing on his conservation expertise and lifelong passion for wildlife, Ian explores a wide range of contentious issues and shares the joy of reconnecting with nature in this enlightening, honest and very accessible book.’

—Nic Wilson, nature writer and Guardian Country Diarist


Human, Nature deserves to be read very widely... here is a book that considers all the most pressing questions we face as we attempt to understand and fundamentally change our relationship with the natural world. Most importantly, it makes the connections between them, and quietly asserts the need for us to start making more connections – between sites, whole landscapes, and each other.’

—Matt Merritt, editor of Bird Watching Magazine and author of A Sky Full of Birds


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