Open Access

Open Access with Pelagic Publishing

Open Access is an emerging model in academic publishing, offering wide dissemination and discoverability of research. Readers and libraries can download your book electronically for free as well as being able to buy a print edition. Pelagic will work with you to ensure your book is published to the highest academic standards and effectively promoted to the academic community, while meeting funder requirements for Gold Open Access.

High Academic Standards
Open Access books published by Pelagic are subject to the same stringent review process, editing and book design as traditional Pelagic books.

Book Types
Pelagic accept monographs, handbooks, edited volumes, book chapters within an edited volume and proceedings for Open Access publication.

Copyright and Licence
Pelagic Open Access books are licensed under a Creative Commons licence – this allows your work to be widely read and shared. There are several variants of Creative Commons licence - your editor will provide information on the options.

Your DRM-free Open Access book will be freely available as an eBook: listed on and included in DOAB and Google Books. You may share your Open Access book on your own website and additional repositories of your choosing.

We will produce a print edition of your book, available through academic bookshops and library suppliers.

Sales and Marketing
Open Access books benefit from the full range of Pelagic promotional activity, including sales representation to the book trade, targeted marketing, book reviews, press release and social media.

Open Access Costs
Open Access books are subject to a Book Processing Charge (BPC) starting at £7,500 (+ VAT) for 90,000 words and up to 25 images. Please contact an editor for a bespoke BPC tailored to your project. Individual chapters in an edited volume are subject to a Chapter Processing Charge (CPC) of £750 (plus VAT). The BPC/CPC is payable when you submit your manuscript.

Open Access Compliance
Our Open Access process is compliant with international funders such as ERC, RCUK and the Wellcome Trust. An up-to-date list of Open Access mandates can be found at ROARMAP