Celebrating the two year anniversary of Rebirding by Benedict Macdonald

Celebrating the two year anniversary of Rebirding by Benedict Macdonald

by Moira Reid on

Today marks the two year anniversary of Rebirding, Benedict Macdonald's visionary and inspiring manifesto for restoring Britain's wildlife, rewilding its species and restoring rural jobs.  

Praise for Rebirding

"This is a wonderful book, visionary, illuminating and fascinating. It will help accelerate the rewilding revolution now beginning in Britain."
—George Monbiot

"Rebirding is beautifully written, based on deep, personal experience and a genuine love of the subject. It also benefits from the heady enthusiasm of youth. You may not have come across Ben Macdonald before now; but believe me, you will hear a lot more from him in the future."
—Stephen Moss

"Having read a number of the recent books about rewilding, I was tempted to think 'Oh blimey, not another one!'. I am now tempted to say 'they left the best till last…' Ben covers history, science, traditions, conservation and reintroduction, all with those most vital elements - knowledge and enthusiasm."
—Bill Oddie

"Beautifully written, thoughtful and provocative"
—Martin Harper, Conservation Director, RSPB

"This is a stimulating and important book, beautifully written and well researched… It provides a compelling vision for the future."
—Carl Jones, Chief Scientist, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

"A well researched and more importantly a well-written book about rewilding... One that every conservationist should read."
Paul Cheney, Halfman, Halfboo

"Phenomenal and important."
Chris Packham, Waterstones Favourite Reads of 2020

"One of the most revolutionary nature publications in recent times… This is a read you won’t regret."
Gethin Jenkins-Jones, British Trust for Ornithology

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