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Seaweeds of the British Isles, Volume 2 Chlorophyta

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    • algae
    • identification
    • marine biology
    • marine habitat
    • phycology
    • seashore
    • seaweed
    • taxonomy


    This volume covers the species attributed to the class Chlorophyta (the green seaweeds). Each species description incorporates notes on ecology and distribution and many are supported by line illustrations.

    This is a reprint edition of ISBN 1898298858 published in 1991.


    Postgraduate, field centre, marine biologist, taxonomist

    About the Author

    Elsie Burrows (1913–1986) was an English botanist. She graduated from the University College in Leicester where she received a B.Sc. In 1936 she took up her first post at Liverpool University, where she studied for the rest of her working life. She was a founder member of the British Phycological Society and its vice-President from 1957 to 1958. Her main studies were in the ecology of the macroalgae, especially Fucus and the green algae - Chlorophyta.

    Bibliographic Information

    • 238 pages
    • B/w illustrations
    • BISAC SCI039000, SCI011000, NAT045050