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Urban Peregrines

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  • This book is in-depth yet makes the subject of urban peregrines accessible for a wide audience
  • Peregrines are an urban wildlife success story
  • Packed with beautiful images by leading wildlife photographers
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    • A fascinating insight into the life of our top urban predator
      —Stephen Moss
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    The Peregrine, the fastest bird in the world, has made a remarkable recovery over the past 30 years. As the species re-establishes itself around the world it is becoming a familiar sight in towns and cities.

    This beautifully illustrated book is the first in-depth focus on the lives of Peregrines in towns and cities. In words and stunning photographs, Ed Drewitt reveals the latest information on Peregrine behavior including how they are adapting to, and taking advantage of, the urban environment.

    The book is also a how-to-guide, with information on finding peregrines, studying their diet, ringing individuals for research, putting up nest boxes and enabling people to learn more about them through public viewing points or web cameras.

    Ed also discusses what makes a Peregrine urban, their contemporary relationship with people, and helps dispel some myths and reveal some truths about this agile predator.


    Birdwatchers and naturalists

    Table of Contents

    1. The Peregrine
    2. What is an Urban Peregrine?
    3. How to Spot a Peregrine
    4. A Year in the Life of an Urban Peregrine
    5. Food and Feeding
    6. How to Study Peregrines
    7. Ringing Urban Peregrines
    8. Myths about Peregrines
    9. Changing Threats and the Future of the Urban Peregrine
    10. People and Peregrines
    11. Where Next?
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    • Peregrines! The biggest urban conservation story to hit our cities is gloriously revealed in this wonderful book. —Mike Dilger
    • Urban Peregrines is to be highly recommended, not least for its relevance to the ebb and flow of the bird’s fortunes in the first part of the 21st century. —Patrick Stirling-Aird, Scottish Birds
    • Overall, I think the author’s enthusiasm and dedication for these magnificent creatures shines through. He highlights a bird that is fascinating, sharp, and handsome, and makes the science of them accessible to the public. And I’m always for revealing behaviors and attitudes that that we can work on in order to make more conscientious decisions that affect conservation. —Maureen Leong-Kee, Hipster Birders
    • This book provides sound recommendations for those who want to set up Peregrine projects in towns and to study both the birds and their prey. I have personally been involved with urban Peregrines for seven years but still learnt much from the wealth of knowledge contained in this book, and have already returned to re-read some chapters a second time. ... Anyone with an interest in Peregrines will want to buy this book, but especially those who want to be involved in an urban Peregrine project, and I can highly recommend it. —Mike Wallen, British Birds
    • This book is essentially an account of one man's experience of urban Peregrines, setting out what he has learned from his own observations or gleaned from his interactions with other Peregrine enthusiasts, mostly in other cities. The book is nicely written and seems to be intended mainly for people interested in starting similar studies themselves. It gives useful hints on matters such as how to design and erect nestboxes, how to find and identify prey remains, and how to ring the young, and just as important, how to work successfully in places full of people. The book has many good-quality colour photographs, showing different aspects of structure, plumage and behaviour. —Ian Newton, IBIS
    • All in all, a book that is easy to read, stuffed with practical information and original observations, essential reading for those who are interested in peregrines, even if it does deal almost exclusively with the English population. —Jean Marc Thiollay, ORNITHOS
    • There is particularly satisfying detail on the startlingly varied diet of Peregrines living in our cities and also, appropriately, on the ways in which wild Peregrines interact with and are affected by people. The book is copiously illustrated with photographs, not only of Peregrines, but of the birds they eat and the urban environments they live in. I recommend it for anyone wanting to better acquaint themselves with one of our most iconic and charismatic birds. —Mark Wilson, BTO About Birds
    • This is a timely and fascinating book, full of Drewitt's charm and learning. Along side the text are some beautiful photographs from a range of talented wildlife photographers and these complement what is a brilliant and readable addition to the study of raptors in this country. —Andrew Whitelee, Verdant Wildlife

    About the Author

    Ed Drewitt is a professional naturalist, wildlife detective, and broadcaster for the BBC. He has been studying urban Peregrines for over 15 years, and specialises in colour ringing their chicks, and identifying what they have been eating.

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    • 250 pages
    • 205 colour photographs, 6 figures
    • BISAC SCI070040, NAT004000, NAT043000