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Snakes of Peninsular Thailand

  • Detailed information on 190+ snakes of southern Thailand.
  • More than 700 dazzling photographs, as well as up-to-date distribution maps.
  • Direct comparisons between highly venomous snakes and their harmless mimics.

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    This stunning photographic guide covers more than 190 snake species found across peninsular Thailand, including Phuket island and other popular tourist destinations. Each species description contains essential identification information, with a special focus on how to differentiate dangerous snakes from their harmless lookalikes. There is detailed discussion on distribution, with a separate map covering Phuket island, as well as notes on habitat, the likelihood of encountering each species, as well as whether or not the snake is a potential danger to humans.

    Illustrated with over 700 photographs, this beautifully designed book also offers:
    - an overview of snake biology
    - identification plates for less commonly encountered sea snakes
    - a chapter on conservation and threats to snakes on Phuket island
    - what to do in case of snakebite
    - advice on how to deal with a snake near your home and, for those who are less comfortable around these animals, some tips on how to make your garden less attractive to snakes
    - a beginner’s guide to herping (how to find snakes)
    - an exploration of the sorts of environments where snakes live
    - fascinating notes and anecdotes from the field.

    As well as being suitable for dedicated field herpetologists, this is also a perfect introduction for local residents and visitors with little knowledge of these compelling reptiles.

    DOI: 10.53061/FIWX1845

    About the Author

    Ton Smits was born in Holland. His childhood passion for herpetofauna and later wildlife photography took him across the world. In 2009 he moved to Thailand and started Tontan Travel, a wildlife and herping tour business. He has coauthored several scientific publications on Thai snakes, including a new viper species.

    Matt Wilson works in international education and was formerly a herpetologist at the University of Manchester, the Manchester Museum (UK). He has written numerous scientific papers on reptiles and amphibians in Europe and has contributed to the knowledge of herpetofauna in Europe, Africa and S-E Asia. As well as having a passion for amphibians and reptiles he also enjoys bird and mammal watching. When not teaching internationally, he spends time at home in the UK and Slovakia.

    Bibliographic Information

    • 300 pages
    • 700 colour photos and distribution maps for all species.
    • BISAC SCI070010, NAT028000