Animals of sandy shores

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    The assemblage of animals living in sandy shores is richer than it might first appear, and it offers wonderful opportunities for ecological explanation without the need for expensive equipment. This book introduces the natural history of the community and provides keys that will enable readers to name the animals they find. It provides practical approaches for behavioural and ecological studies, including the survey and monitoring of populations. Local investigations of this kind form an essential basis for planning the conservation of sandy shore habitats, which are important both in their own right and as feeding grounds for birds.

    This is a digital reprint edition of the book originally published in 1994 with ISBNs 0855462949 (hbk) & 0855462930 (pbk).



    Sixth-form, undergraduate, postgraduate, field centre, marine biologist, wildlife trust, conservation volunteer

    Table of Contents

    Living in sand
    Sandy shore animals
    Distribution and zonation
    Populations, competition and predation
    Identification Keys:
    I Sea anemones
    II Polychaetes
    III Cumaceans
    IV Mysids
    V Isoods
    VI Amphipods
    VII Shrimps, crabs and allies
    VIII Bivalves
    IX Prosobranch gastropods
    X Opisthobranchs: sea slugs
    XI Echinoderms

    About the Author

    Peter Hayward began his career as a scientific assistant at the Natural History Museum, where he was introduced to his lifelong specialism, marine bryzoa or sea-mats. He read zoology with geology at Reading University, thence to University of Wales, Swansea as research student, gaining PhD in population biology and taxonomy of sea-mats.

    He is now a senior lecturer at the university, and authority on bryzoa worldwide from Antarctic to coral reefs. Author with Professor John Ryland of four volumes on marine bryzoa in Linnaean Society Synopses series. Co-ordinator of the popular Collins Pocket Guide to the Seashore, co-editor and contributor to the Handbook of the Marine Fauna of north-west Europe (1995), as well as the Naturalists' Handbooks on seaweed and sandy shore habitats. Zoological editor of Journal of Natural History.

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