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Brown Seaweeds (Phaeophyceae) of Britain and Ireland

  • Up-to-date, comprehensive introduction and identification guide to all the brown seaweeds around the coasts of Britain and Ireland
  • Exceptionally well-illustrated with over 300 compound plates of original line drawings and photographs
  • An indispensable research tool to phycologists and students of marine botany throughout the world

    • Most welcomed is this long anticipated, comprehensive and authoritative treatment of the brown seaweeds of Britain and Ireland.
      —Professor David M John, Natural History Museum, London
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    Brown Seaweeds (Phaeophyceae) of Britain and Ireland provides the first complete, up-to-date, detailed illustrated guide and keys to the nearly 200 species of brown algae present around the coasts of Britain and Ireland. It is the culmination of over 30 years of field and laboratory studies by the author.

    Following an exhaustive introduction that covers the biology and ecology of brown seaweeds, a checklist of species is set out, followed by clear and user-friendly keys to the genera. Particular attention is then paid to providing detailed illustrations, and the volume holds more than 300 compound plates of line drawings and photographs in its extensive taxonomic treatment. Comprehensive information is given on the geographical and seasonal distributions, synonymy, morphology, anatomy, cytology, reproduction, life histories, taxonomy, systematics and bibliographic material pertaining to each species.

    Notably, this flora offers a much fuller consideration of many of the lesser known, more cryptic microscopic brown algae than previously available. Further, the book also contains the results of much original research undertaken by the author. This will surely remain a standard reference work on brown seaweeds for many years to come – an indispensable research tool and field guide for phycologists and students throughout the North Atlantic region and beyond.

    DOI: 10.53061/XDPG8462

    Table of Contents

    Cell structure
    The brown algal thallus
    Life histories
    Community ecology
    Checklist of Phaeophyceae for Britain and Ireland
    Arrangement of the work
    References for Introduction

    Keys to genera

    Taxonomic treatment
    Order Discosporangiales
    Family Choristocarpaceae
    Order Ishigeales
      Family Petrodermatceae
    Order Dictyotales
       Family Dictyotaceae
    Order Sphacelariales
       Family Cladostephaceae
       Family Lithodermataceae
       Family Sphacelariaceae
       Family Sphacelodermataceae
       Family Stypocaulaceae
    Order Desmarestiales
       Family Arthrocladiaceae
       Family Desmarestiaceae
    Order Ectocarpales
       Family Acinetosporaceae
       Family Chordariaceae
       Family Ectocarpaceae
       Family Petrospongiaceae
       Family Scytosiphonaceae
    Order Fucales
       Family Fucaceae
       Family Himanthaliaceae
       Family Cystoseiraceae
    Family Sargassaceae
    Order Laminariales
       Family Alariaceae
       Family Chordaceae
       Family Laminariaceae
    Order Ralfsiales
       Family Ralfsiaceae
    Order Sporochnales
       Family Sporochnaceae
    Order Tilopteridales
       Family Cutleriaceae
       Family Halosiphonaceae
       Family Phyllariaceae
       Family Tilopteridaceae
    Incertae sedis at ordinal rank


    • Most welcomed is this long anticipated, comprehensive and authoritative treatment of the brown seaweeds of Britain and Ireland. It represents the culmination of more than 35 years of research by the author following publication of his first volume on brown seaweeds. An impressive book that is a useful introduction and indispensable reference source for anyone researching this environmentally and commercially important seaweed group in the North East Atlantic and beyond.
      —Professor David M John, Natural History Museum, London
    • Dr Fletcher’s monograph is a magnificent, scholarly account of all the brown seaweeds of Britain and Ireland (and of most of the brown algae of the coasts from Norway and Iceland south to Portugal). It represents more than half a century of sustained and painstaking fieldwork and laboratory studies by the author. No study of this coverage and quality of brown seaweeds of the NE Atlantic has been published in the last 90 years.
      —Professor M.D. Guiry, AlgaeBase, University of Galway

    About the Author

    Robert Fletcher is a Visiting Reader at the Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Portsmouth, UK, where he has worked since 1971. He has published widely on aspects of the ecology, life histories, molecular biology, taxonomy and applied aspects of marine algae, with particular respect to the brown algae. He is a member of both the British Society of Phycology and the International Society of Phycology. He received his PhD in Marine Botany from the University of London, UK in 1974.

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    • 816 pages
    • 323 b&w figures, 5 tables
    • BISAC SCI039000, SCI011000, NAT045050