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Leaf beetles

  • Identification guide to Leaf beetles found in Britain
  • Includes colour photographs, line drawings and distribution maps
  • Overview of natural history, biology and ecology
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  • Overall, this well-written book has a great deal to offer and anyone with even a casual interest in leaf beetles will find it enjoyable and informative. —Steve Lane, Atropos
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  • coleoptera
  • conservation
  • ecology
  • economic entomology
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  • leaf beetles


Leaf beetles are one of the largest groups of beetles, with tens of thousands of species worldwide and around 280 in Britain. They belong mainly to the family Chrysomelidae, but also to two small closely related families, the Megalopodidae and Orsodacnidae. This book provides a comprehensive overview with detailed and accessible coverage of the natural history, ecology and biology of leaf beetles.

Topics cover the life history of leaf beetles, biology, their environment, natural enemies and interactions with humans. There is a thorough discussion about identification of British species, including detail on the juvenile stages (eggs, larvae, pupae) and a concise key to adults. A chapter is dedicated to study techniques and materials. The book is illustrated throughout with colour photographs and line drawings.

Leaf beetles is a vital resource for entomology students and educators, naturalists, nature conservationists, those involved in agriculture, horticulture and the management of stored produce. 


Entomologists, both amateur and professional, including students and educators; natural historians and others interested in detailed coverage of wildlife. Also, those involved in nature conservation, and those involved in agriculture and the management of stored produce (due to the activities of the numerous 'pest' species within the Chrysomelidae).

Table of Contents

Editor's preface
1. Introduction
2. Life history
3. Leaf beetles in their environment
4. Natural enemies of leaf beetles
5. Population
6. Identification of British species
7. Study techniques and materials
8. Useful addresses and links


  • Overall, this well-written book has a great deal to offer and anyone with even a casual interest in leaf beetles will find it enjoyable and informative. —Steve Lane, Atropos
  • ...a book that is well structured and provides a very useful and detailed introduction to leaf beetles. —Peter Hodge, AES Bulletin
  • ...a highly readable, informative style as one might expect from the current organiser of the UK's Chrysomelidae Recording Scheme. —John Badmin, British Journal of Entomology & Natural History
  • ...extensive descriptions about collecting, studying lifestyle and environment. —Ron Beenen, Entomologische Berichten
  • Leaf Beetles maintains the integrity of this important series with an introductory overview of this commonly encountered group that will be useful to a wide spectrum of biologists, from students to ecological consultants. Just like its predecessors, this book will encourage a new generation of naturalists to delve into the biology and ecology of these beautiful and fascinating beetles and add to our knowledge of the UK fauna. If you want to get to know the UK's leaf beetles this is the book you need. —Peter Smithers, Antenna

About the Author

Dave Hubble is a freelance ecologist. He is the organiser of the UK's Chrysomelidae Recording Scheme and recently wrote the AIDGAP key to UK species. He also teaches Environmental Science at the Open University. Dave's blog can be found at davehubbleecology.blogspot.co.uk

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  • 160 pages
  • 66 colour and b/w figures, line illustrations
  • 1 table
  • BISAC NAT017000, SCI070020