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Essex Rock

Geology Beneath the Landscape

  • Vividly brings to life the fascinating and surprising geology of this complex corner of the British Isles.
  • Links features in today’s landscape with a deep-time county history stretching back 500 million years.
  • Packed with exceptional full-colour diagrams, illustrations and photographs.

    Subject: geology
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    • Essex
    • geology
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    All landscapes are built on rock: from hard stone for building with, to the softest clay or sand. Each piece of rock is a storehouse of prehistorical information; even a simple pebble from the garden has its own complex tale to tell. Geology is the great detective science that can unlock these secrets. In this entertaining and eye-opening book, the authors take a deep dive – quite literally – into their home county of Essex.

    We are all living in an ice age, an ongoing event that has hugely affected Essex over the last 3 million years. Yet this county was born more than 500 million years ago. Our story begins when the land we know as Essex was part of a large continent close to the South Pole, tracing the geological processes that continue to shape the countryside around us. The form of the land, boulders on village greens, road cuttings, cliffs, stones in church walls – they can all bring geology to light in unexpected and fascinating ways.

    Aimed at a general readership with no scientific background, chapters progress from fundamentals to intricate details of geological investigations and cutting-edge research. Richly illustrated with photographs and colour diagrams, here the geology of a county is visualised and brought to life as never before, along with pertinent environmental insights in the light of climate change that is happening now.



    Essex Rock is ideal for anyone interested in landscape, fossils, wildlife, walking, history, archaeology and more – all those who share a sense of wonder.

    About the Author

    Ian Mercer worked for the British Geological Survey and Geological Museum for 25 years and was Director of Education for the Gemmological Association of Great Britain for nearly two decades. After working as a geologist in the energy sector, Ros Mercer was a geology and physics teacher for more than 20 years. They have been leaders for the Essex Rock and Mineral Society for many years; UK national advisors for U3A Geology; and officers for GeoEssex – the county geoconservation steering group. In 2020, together they were awarded the Halstead Medal by the Geologists’ Association for their achievements as 'ambassadors in the promotion of geology, contributing to education at all levels'. Ian Mercer is the author of several books on related subjects.

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    • 300 pages
    • Colour figures and photographs
    • BISAC SCI031000, SOC003000,